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Through our LOA in the Classroom initiative, Library of America partnered with First Book to provide free copies of James Baldwin: Collected Essays to a nationwide network of middle and high school teachers exploring the history of race in America in their classrooms.

As an additional resource, here are recordings of our “Reading James Baldwin Now” series of online programs featuring scholars and writers speaking about the prophetic power of Baldwin’s writing and its keen relevance to our current moment.

Reading James Baldwin Now:
Gabrielle Bellot on If Beale Street Could Talk

Presented March 3, 2021

Reading James Baldwin Now:
Eddie S. Glaude, Jr., on “The White Man’s Guilt”

Presented September 23, 2020

Reading James Baldwin Now:
Darryl Pinckney on No Name in the Street

Presented July 16, 2020

Reading James Baldwin Now:
Farah Jasmine Griffin on “Sonny’s Blues”

Presented June 25, 2020

We hope these programs will inspire meaningful discussions with students and within professional development groups. Please let us know how you make use of the Baldwin volume and these video programs by dropping a line to We will greatly appreciate your feedback.

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