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James, Henry - Complete Stories 1898–1910

Henry James

Complete Stories 1898–1910

"Essential for serious literature collections."
—Library Journal
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This volume, one of five collecting the complete stories of Henry James, presents in the approximate chronological order of their completion 31 stories that were first published between 1898 and 1910. James considered periodical publication as an intermediate step in the composition of his stories and always revised them for book publication, making changes in wording as well as eliminating commas introduced by periodical editors; he consistently requested that publishers follow his lighter use of commas and that American publishers retain his British spellings. During this period James was living in England, and when his stories were to be published in both American and English book editions, his practice was to correct and revise the proofs of only one publisher and to have corrected proofs sent to the other publisher. He did not read the subsequent proofs for the other edition.

Collations show that the editions for which James corrected and revised proofs follow his wishes, both in punctuation and in wording, more closely than the other editions. James read proofs of the English typesettings for The Soft Side (1900) and The Better Sort (1903). Three of the stories from this period were first collected in The Novels and Tales of Henry James, the 1907-9 New York Edition of his works published by Scribner, which was proofread carefully by James. (One of these stories, "Julia Bride," was published separately by Harper and Brothers later in 1909, but collation shows that James' proofreading of this separate edition was less careful than that of the New York Edition.) He read proofs of the American setting for The Finer Grain (1910).

The following list gives the sources of the stories included in this volume and the dates of their first periodical and first American and English book publications. (James later included 15 stories from The Soft Side and The Better Sort in the 1907-9 New York Edition of his collected works.)

"John Delavoy" (Cosmopolis, January-February 1898), "The Given Case" (Collier's Weekly, December 31, 1898-January 7, 1899, and Black & White, March 11-18, 1899), " 'Europe' " (Scribner's Magazine, June 1899), "The Great Condition" (The Anglo-Saxon Review, June 1899), "The Real Right Thing" (Collier's Weekly, December 16, 1899), "Paste" (Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly, December 1899), "The Great Good Place" (Scribner's Magazine, January 1900), "Maud-Evelyn" (Atlantic Monthly, April 1900), and "Miss Gunton of Poughkeepsie" (Cornhill Magazine, May 1900, and Truth, May-June 1900) appeared in The Soft Side, published in London by Methuen & Co. on August 30, 1900, and in New York by Macmillan Co. in September 1900. "The Tree of Knowledge," "The Abasement of the Northmores," and "The Third Person" were published for the first time in The Soft Side. The texts printed in this volume are from the Methuen edition.

"The Special Type" (Collier's Weekly, June 16, 1900), "The Tone of Time" (Scribner's Magazine, November 1900), "Broken Wings" (Century Magazine, December 1900), "The Two Faces" (published as "The Faces" in Harper's Bazaar, December 15, 1900, and as "The Two Faces" in Cornhill Magazine, June 1901), "Mrs. Medwin" (Punch, August 28-September 18, 1901), "The Beldonald Holbein" (Harper's New Monthly Magazine, October 1901), "The Story in It" (The Anglo-American Magazine, January 1902), and "Flickerbridge" (Scribner's Magazine, February 1902) appeared in The Better Sort, published in London by Methuen & Co. and in New York by Charles Scribner's Sons on February 26, 1903. "The Birthplace," "The Beast in the Jungle," and "The Papers" were published for the first time in The Better Sort. The texts printed in this volume are from the Methuen edition.

"Fordham Castle" (Harper's Monthly Magazine, December 1904) appeared in volume 16 (The Author of "Beltraffio" . . . , 1909) of The Novels and Tales of Henry James, the New York Edition, published in 24 volumes in New York by Charles Scribner's Sons from 1907 to 1909. "Julia Bride" (Harper's Monthly Magazine, March-April 1908) appeared in volume 17 (The Altar of the Dead . . . , published before July 1909) of the New York Edition and in Julia Bride, published in New York by Harper and Brothers in September 1909; "The Jolly Corner" (The English Review, December 1908) appeared in volume 17 of the New York Edition. The texts printed in this volume are from the New York Edition.

" 'The Velvet Glove' " (The English Review, March 1909), "Mora Montravers" (The English Review, August-September 1909), "Crapy Cornelia" (Harper's Monthly Magazine, October 1909), "The Bench of Desolation" (Putnam's Magazine, October 1909-January 1910), and "A Round of Visits" (The English Review, April-May 1910) appeared in The Finer Grain, published in New York by Charles Scribner's Sons on October 6, 1910, and in London by Methuen & Co., Ltd., on October 13, 1910. The texts printed in this volume are from the Scribner edition.

This volume presents the texts of the printings chosen for inclusion here but does not attempt to reproduce features of their typographic design. Spelling, punctuation, and capitalization often are expressive features and they are not altered, even when inconsistent or irregular.

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