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Adams, Henry - History of the United States During the Administrations of Madison (1809–1817)

Henry Adams

History of the United States During the Administrations of Madison (1809–1817)

Overview  |  Note on the Texts  |  Reviews  |  Table of Contents
  • The First Administration of James Madison
    • Volume One
      • I. Subsidence of Faction
      • II. Alienation from France
      • III. Canning's Concessions
      • IV. Erskine's Arrangement
      • V. Disavowal of Erskine
      • VI. Francis James Jackson
      • VII. Napoleon's Triumph
      • VIII. Executive Weakness
      • IX. Legislative Impotence
      • X. Incapacity of Government
      • XI. The Decree of Rambouillet
      • XII. Cadore's Letter of August 5
      • XIII. The Marquess Wellesley
      • XIV. Government By Proclamation
      • XV. The Floridas and The Bank
      • XVI. Contract with France
      • XVII. Dismissal of Robert Smith
      • XVIII. Napoleon's Delays
      • XIX. Russia and Sweden
    • Volume Two
      • I. Pinkney's Inamicable Leave
      • II. The "Little Belt"
      • III. Madison Triumphant
      • IV. Harrison And Tecumthe
      • V. Tippecanoe
      • VI. Meeting of The Twelfth Congress
      • VII. War Debates
      • VIII. War Legislation
      • IX. Madison As Minerva
      • X. Hesitations
      • XI. War
      • XII. Joel Barlow
      • XIII. Repeal of The Orders In Council
      • XIV. Invasion of Canada
      • XV. Hull's Surrender
      • XVI. The Niagara Campaign
      • XVII. Naval Battles
      • XVIII. Discord
      • XIX. Executive Embarrassments
      • XX. War Legislation
    • Maps And Plans
      • Indiana Territory
      • Seat of War About Lake Erie
      • Detroit River
      • Straits of Niagara from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario
  • The Second Administration of James Madison
    • Volume One
      • I. England Angry
      • II. Russian Mediation
      • III. The Extra Session OF 1813
      • IV. The River Raisin
      • V. Proctor and Perry
      • VI. The Battle of The Thames
      • VII. Dearborn's Campaign
      • VIII. Wilkinson's Campaign
      • IX. Mobile and Fort Mims
      • X. Campaigns Among The Creeks
      • XI. The Blockade
      • XII. "Chesapeake" And "Argus"
      • XIII. Privateering
      • XIV. Russia and England
      • XV. The Last Embargo
      • XVI. Monroe and Armstrong
    • Volume Two
      • I. Massachusetts Decides
      • II. Chippawa and Lundy's Lane
      • III. Fort Erie
      • IV. Plattsburg
      • V. Bladensburg
      • VI. Baltimore
      • VII. Sloops-Of-War and Privateers
      • VIII. Exhaustion
      • IX. Congress And Currency
      • X. Congress And Army
      • XI. The Hartford Convention
      • XII. New Orleans In Danger
      • XIII. The Artillery Battle
      • XIV. The Battle of New Orleans
    • Volume Three
      • I. The Meeting At Ghent
      • II. The Treaty of Ghent
      • III. Close of Hostilities
      • IV. Decline of Massachusetts
      • V. Peace Legislation
      • VI. Retirement of Madison
      • VII. Economical Results
      • VIII. Religious and Political Thought
      • IX. Literature and Art
      • X. American Character
  • Maps And Plans
    • Battle of The Thames
    • East End of Lake Ontario and River St. Lawrence from Kinston to French Mills
    • East End of Lake Ontario
    • River St. Lawrence from Williamsburg to Montreal
    • Seat of War Among The Creeks
    • Attack on Craney Island
    • Battle of Chippawa
    • Battle of Lundy's Lane,at Sunset
    • Battle of Lundy's Lane, at Ten O'clock
    • Attack and Defence of Fort Erie
    • Navel Battle at Plattsburg
    • Position of British and American Armies at Plattsburg
    • Campaign of Washington and Baltimore
    • Battle of Bladensburg
    • Attack and Defence of Baltimore
    • Seat of War in Louisiana and West Florida
    • Attack on Fort Bowyer
    • Landing of British Army at New Orleans
    • Attack made by Major General Jackson, Dec.23, 1814
    • British and American Positions at New Orleans
    • Attack and Defence of The American Lines, Jan. 8, 1815
    • Capture of Fort Bowyer
  • Index
  • Chronology
  • Note on the Texts
  • Notes

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