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Various authors - Reporting Vietnam:  American Journalism 1969–1975

Reporting Vietnam: American Journalism 1969–1975

"I could quote these pieces forever. They are remarkable, and The Library of America has again produced a tremendous collection."
— American Journalism Review

This unique 25th-anniversary collection from The Library of America captures a dramatic and controversial war and the brilliant generation of American journalists who reported it. Reporting Vietnam Part Two: American Journalism 1969–1975, along with its companion volume, captures the bravery, fear, cruelty, suffering, anger, and sorrow of a tragic conflict. They provide compelling evidence of the enduring power of the written word in the age of television.

This second volume traces events from the revelation of the My Lai massacre in 1969 through the fall of Saigon in 1975. Here are Peter Kann on the ambiguities of pacification; Gloria Emerson on the South Vietnamese debacle in Laos; Donald Kirk on declining American morale; Sydney Schanberg on the fall of Phnom Penh and the victory of the Khmer Rouge; Philip Caputo, Keyes Beech, Peter Arnett, and Malcolm Browne on the last days of South Vietnam.

At home, Michael Kinsley recounts a confrontation between Henry Kissinger and his Harvard colleagues; James Michener reconstructs the Kent State shootings; Doris Kearns listens to Lyndon Johnson's anguished recollections; Francine du Plessix Gray describes factions within the protest movement; Hunter S. Thompson watches veterans protest Richard Nixon's renomination.

Included in full is Dispatches, journalist Michael Herr's acclaimed impressionistic memoir of his immersion in the exhilaration, dread, and sorrow of the Vietnam War.

This volume contains a detailed chronology of the war, historical maps, biographical profiles of the journalists, explanatory notes, a glossary of military terms, an index, and a 32-page insert of photographs of the correspondents, many from private collections and never before seen.

The advisory board for Reporting Vietnam includes Milton J. Bates, professor of English at Marquette University; Lawrence Lichty, professor of radio, television, and film at Northwestern University; Paul L. Miles, professor of history at Princeton University; Ronald H. Spector, professor of history and international affairs at George Washington University; and Marilyn Young, professor of history at New York University.

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