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Hurston, Zora Neale - Folklore, Memoirs, & Other Writings

Zora Neale Hurston

Folklore, Memoirs, & Other Writings

Mules and Men Tell My Horse Dust Tracks on a Road • Essays

"Her vivid imagination, mastery of form and personal courage converge in these two volumes, meticulously edited and annotated by Cheryl A. Wall."
—Chicago Tribune
Overview  |  Note on the Texts  |  Reviews  |  Table of Contents
  • Mules and Men
    • Folk Tales
    • Hoodoo
  • Tell My Horse
    • Jamaica
    • Politics and Personalities of Haiti
    • Voodoo in Haiti
    • Appendix
    • Illustrations
  • Dust Tracks on a Road
    • My Birthplace
    • My Folks
    • I Get Born
    • The Inside Search
    • Figure and Fancy
    • Wandering
    • Jacksonville and After
    • Back Stage and the Railroad
    • School Again
    • Research
    • Books and Things
    • My People! My People!
    • Two Women in Particular
    • Love
    • Religion
    • Looking Things Over
    • Appendix:
      • "My People, My People!"
      • Seeing the World As It Is
      • The Inside Light--Being a Salute to Friendship
      • Concert
  • Selected Articles
    • The Eatonville Anthology
    • How It Feels To Be Colored Me from Negro: An Anthology
      • Characteristics of Negro Expression
      • Conversions and Visions
      • Shouting
      • Mother Catherine
      • Uncle Monday
      • Spirituals and Neo-Spirituals
    • Works-in-Progress for Florida Federal Writers' Project, The Florida Negro, 1938
      • Folklore and Music
      • Negro Mythical Places
      • The Ocoee Riot
      • The Sanctified Church
      • Art and Such
    • Stories of Conflict: Richard Wright's Uncle Tom's Children
    • The "Pet Negro" System
    • High John de Conquer
    • Negroes Without Self-Pity
    • My Most Humiliating Jim Crow Experience
    • The Rise of the Begging Joints
    • Crazy for This Democracy
    • What White Publishers Won't Print
    • Court Order Can't Make Races Mix
  • Chronology
  • Note on the Texts
  • Notes

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