Abraham Lincoln: Speeches and Writings

Volume One: 1832–1858
Volume Two: 1859–1865

Clothbound, slipcased edition 1,686 pages

A must-have collection of the speeches and writings of Abraham Lincoln, the greatest writer ever to occupy the White House. Covering the years 1832 to 1858, Volume One contains 240 speeches, letters, drafts, and fragments that record his emergence as an eloquent anti-slavery advocate and defender of the Constitution. Most notable are the complete texts of the seven Lincoln-Douglas debates from his 1858 Illinois Senate race—still the most famous confrontation in American political history. Volume Two collects writings from 1859 to 1865 and contains 555 speeches, messages, proclamations, letters, memoranda, and fragments. They record the words and deeds—the order to resupply Fort Sumter, the emancipation of the slaves held in the Confederacy, his addresses at Gettysburg and at his inaugural—by which he strove to defend and preserve the Union.

“A momentous and thrilling addition to any personal library.”—Alfred Kazin

Photo by Alexander Gardner


Ulysses S. Grant: Memoirs and Selected Letters

Clothbound, slipcased edition 1,199 pages

Grant’s Personal Memoirs, written 20 years after Appomattox, reveal in telling detail the intelligence, intense determination, and laconic modesty that made him the foremost commander in the Union, directing battles whose drawn-out ferocity had no precedent in Western warfare. The volume also includes 174 letters written from 1839 to 1865 to his wife, to fellow generals, and to his patrons.

“Reading [Grant] is almost like reading a novel featuring a host of dramatically described characters, but also containing a philosopher’s thoughtful passion.” —Chicago Sun-Times

Photo by Mathew Brady

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