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Raymond Chandler: The Library of America Edition (boxed set)

The Big Sleep | Farewell, My Lovely | The High Window | The Lady in the Lake | The Little Sister | The Long Goodbye | Playback | Double Indemnity (screenplay) | pulp stories | essays and letters More
Edited by Frank MacShane

“In Philip Marlowe, Chandler seems to have created the culminating American hero: wised up, hopeful, thoughtful, adventurous, sentimental, cynical and rebellious—an innocent who knows better, a Romantic who is tough enough to sustain Romanticism in a world that has seen the eternal footman hold its coat and snicker. Living at the end of the Far West, where the American dream ran out of room, no hero has ever been more congruent with his landscape. Chandler had the right hero in the right place, and engaged him in the consideration of good and evil at precisely the time when our central certainty of good no longer held. . . . If you are not fully read in Chandler, this new two-volume collection from the Library of America is a good thing to buy.”—Robert B. Parker, The New York Times Book Review

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