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Smith, Red - American Pastimes: The Very Best of Red Smith

Red Smith

American Pastimes: The Very Best of Red Smith

Edited by Daniel Okrent • Afterword by Terence Smith

“Red Smith’s work was not merely unrivaled on the sports page, it tended to be the best writing in any given newspaper on any given day.”—David Halberstam

“An essential part of our nation’s letters, The Library of America, meets an essential part of our nation’s sportswriting, Red Smith. Were that not enough, editor Dan Okrent is pretty essential in his own right!”—Keith Olbermann
E-book edition: American Pastimes: The Very Best of Red Smith is available for the Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Nook, and Google Books.

Walter Wellesley “Red” Smith was the most widely read sportswriter of the last century and the first to win the Pulitzer Prize for commentary. From the 1940s to the 1980s, his nationally syndicated columns for the New York Herald Tribune and later for The New York Times traversed the world of sports with literary panache and wry humor. “I’ve always had the notion,” Smith once said, “that people go to spectator sports to have fun and then they grab the paper to read about it and have fun again.” Now, writer and editor Daniel Okrent presents the best of Smith’s inimitable columns—miniature masterpieces that set the gold standard for sportswriting.

Spanning nearly fifty years and gathering many hard-to-find pieces, American Pastimes includes indelible profiles of sports luminaries, which show Smith’s gift for distilling a career’s essence into a few hundred words. Unforgettable accounts of historic occasions—Bobby Thomson’s Shot Heard ’Round the World, Don Larsen’s perfect game in the 1956 World Series, the first Ali–Frazier fight, the death of Seabiscuit—are joined by more offbeat stories that display Smith’s unmistakable wit, intelligence, and breadth of feeling. Here, too, are more personal glimpses into Smith’s life and work, revealed in pieces on his lifelong passion for fishing and in “My Press-Box Memoirs,” a 1975 reminiscence for Esquire collected here for the first time.

See the table of contents (PDF).

Daniel Okrent, volume editor, is the author of several books, including the baseball classic Nine Innings and, most recently, Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition, which won the Albert J. Beveridge prize, awarded by the American Historical Association to the year’s best book in American history. He has coedited The Ultimate Baseball Book and Baseball Anecdotes and is the creator of Rotisserie League Baseball and of the WHIP statistic (walks + hits / innings pitched).

The volume includes an afterword by Red Smith’s son Terence Smith, an award-winning journalist and editor who has worked for The New York Times, CBS News, National Public Radio, and PBS NewsHour.

*This volume is not a part of the Library of America series, and its design specifications differ from those of series titles. Click here for details.

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