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Brainard, Joe - The Collected Writings of Joe Brainard

Joe Brainard

The Collected Writings of Joe Brainard

Edited by Ron Padgett • Introduction by Paul Auster

“It is wonderful, and singularly fitting, that Joe Brainard’s collected writings are being published by The Library of America. Brainard’s subject was memory, that is, the things that memory remembers. In his case these were as quirky as anybody’s, which is why so many readers have responded to them. Brainard was that recognizable American phenomenon, the oddball classicist.”—John Ashbery

“If I’m as normal as I think I am, we’re all a bunch of weirdos.”—Joe Brainard
Overview  |  Table of Contents

Editor’s Preface by Ron Padgett
Introduction by Paul Auster

I Remember

Self-Portrait on Christmas Night
Back in Tulsa Again
Saturday July 21st 1962
Diary Aug. 4th–15th
The China Sea
Picnic or Yonder Comes the Blue
A True Story
I Like [“A happy glory to sky!”]
I Like [“I Joe”]
The People
Andy Warhol: Andy Do It
The Man
Nancy [“It was coffee time”]
Nancy [“Nancy was always handing me”]
May Dye
Colgate Dental Cream
Brunswick Stew
Sick Art
Sunday, July the 30th, 1964
Saturday, December the 11th, 1965
Van Gogh
People of the World: Relax!
Ron Padgett
January 26th, 1967
August 29th, 1967
Jamaica 1968
What Is Money?
Little-Known Facts about People
Diary 1969
Diary 1969 (Continued)
A Special Diary
Some Drawings of Some Notes to Myself
Some Train Notes
Diary 1970–71
December 22, 1970
Queer Bars
Short Story
Life [“When I stop and think”]
Rim of the Desert
How to Be Alone Again
Bolinas Journal
Wednesday, July 7th, 1971
Selections from “Vermont Journal: 1971”
White Spots
My Favorite Quotations
Selections from “Self-Portrait: 1971”
from N.Y.C. Journals: 1971–1972
Friday, June 16th, 1972
Tuesday, July 11th, 1972
What I Did This Summer
Washington D.C. Journal 1972
The Gay Way
Self-Portrait (As a Writer) If I Was Old and Fat and Wore Hats
Dirty Prose
Fantastic Dream I Had Last Night!
The Friendly Way
The Friendly Way (Continued)
If I Was God
Ponder This
30 One-Liners
The Cigarette Book
Poem [“Sometimes”]
No Story
Before I Die
Right Now
Life [“The life of a human being is”]
Stoned Again
A Depressing Thought
Ten Imaginary Still Lifes
from 29 Mini-Essays
The Outer Banks
Towards a Better Life (Eleven Exercises)
Twenty-three Mini-Essays
Out in the Hamptons
Nothing to Write Home About
A State of the Flowers Report
Jimmy Schuyler: A Portrait
January 13th

The Joe Brainard Interview by Tim Dlugos
An Interview with Joe Brainard by Anne Waldman

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