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Emerson, Ralph Waldo - Selected Journals 1820–1842

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Selected Journals 1820–1842

“In his journals, Emerson focused on a wide range of topics, from moral truth to domestic gossip, from Concord to European travels, from solitude to democracy, slavery, and the US economy. His frame of reference oscillates between nature and human character (of both historical figures and his contemporaries). Both history and autobiography, these volumes are captivating. Highly recommended.”—CHOICE
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Emerson did not attempt to publish his journals, but he drew on them extensively in his other writings, borrowing and adapting phrases, sentences, or longer passages from his journals. Click here to download a PDF listing his subsequent use of those parts of the journals included in the LOA edition.

The LOA volumes silently omit Emerson’s brief cross-references to other journal passages. Click here to download a PDF listing these internal cross-references.

The LOA edition also silently omits Emerson’s uncanceled variant words or phrases. Click here to download a PDF listing alternative words and phrases.

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