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Thoreau, Henry David - Walden, The Maine Woods, and Collected Essays and Poems

Henry David Thoreau

Walden, The Maine Woods, and Collected Essays and Poems

Overview  |  Table of Contents

Walden; or, Life in the Woods

The Maine Woods


  • Aulus Persius Flaccus
  • The Service
  • Natural History of Massachusetts
  • A Walk to Wachusett
  • Sir Walter Raleigh
  • Dark Ages
  • A Winter Walk
  • The Landlord
  • Paradise (To Be) Regained
  • Homer. Ossian. Chaucer.
  • Herald of Freedom
  • Wendell Phillips Before Concord Lyceum
  • Thomas Carlyle and His Works
  • Civil Disobedience
  • Walking
  • A Yankee in Canada
  • Love
  • Chastity & Sensuality
  • Slavery in Massachusetts
  • Life without Principle
  • Autumnal Tints
  • A Plea for Captain John Brown
  • Martyrdom of John Brown
  • The Last Days of John Brown
  • The Succession of Forest Trees
  • Wild Apples
  • Huckleberries


  • In days of yore, tis said, the swimming alder
  • Fair Haven ("When little hills like lambs did skip")
  • Voyagers Song
  • Life is a summer's day
  • I love a careless streamlet
  • Pens to mend, and hands to guide
  • Each summer sound
  • Friendship ("I think awhile of Love, and while I think")
  • When breathless noon hath paused on hill and vale
  • The Bluebirds
  • May Morning
  • Walden
  • Truth—Goodness—Beauty—those celestial thrins
  • Strange that so many fickle gods, as fickle as the weather
  • In the busy streets, domains of trade
  • I knew a man by sight
  • Cliffs
  • My Boots
  • Noon
  • Fair Haven ("When Winter fringes every bough")
  • The Thaw
  • Last night as I lay gazing with shut eyes,521
  • Love
  • The deeds of king and meanest hedger
  • 'T will soon appear if we but look
  • The Evening Wind
  • The Peal of the Bells
  • The Shrike
  • Sympathy
  • The "Book of Gems"
  • The Assabet
  • The Breeze's Invitation
  • Stanzas
  • Loves Farewell
  • Each more melodious note I hear
  • The Fisher's Son
  • Friendship ("Let such pure hate still underprop")
  • The Freshet
  • The Poet's Delay
  • The Summer Rain
  • Guido's Aurora
  • I've heard my neighbor's pump at night
  • Who sleeps by day and walks by night
  • When with pale cheek and sunken eye I sang
  • I arose before light
  • I'm guided in the darkest night
  • Friends—
  • When in some cove I lie
  • Who hears the parson
  • Sic Vita
  • Wait not till I invite thee, but observe
  • Friendship ("Now we are partners in such legal trade")
  • On the Sun Coming Out in the Afternoon
  • They who prepare my evening meal below
  • My ground is high
  • If from your price ye will not swerve
  • Death cannot come too soon
  • The Mountains in the Horizon
  • The needles of the pine
  • The Echo of the Sabbath Bell—
  • Low in the eastern sky
  • My life has been the poem I would have writ
  • To the Mountains
  • Greater is the depth of sadness
  • Where I have been
  • Better wait
  • Independence
  • Cock-crowing
  • Inspiration ("Whate'er we leave to God, God does")
  • The Soul's Season
  • The Fall of the Leaf
  • Delay
  • Inspiration ("If thou wilt but stand by my ear"),564
  • Ive searched my faculties around
  • Who equallest the coward's haste
  • The Vireo
  • The coward ever sings no song
  • Only the slave knows of the slave
  • Great God, I ask thee for no meaner pelf
  • The Inward Morning
  • Within the circuit of this plodding life
  • To Edith
  • Delay in Friendship
  • Ah, 'tis in vain the peaceful din
  • Between the traveller and the setting sun
  • Have ye no work for a man to do—
  • I sailed up a river with a pleasant wind
  • I was made erect and lone
  • I'm not alone
  • Our Country
  • Pray to what earth does this sweet cold belong
  • True kindness is a pure divine affinity
  • Until at length the north winds blow
  • Wait not till slaves pronounce the word
  • The Funeral Bell
  • Sometimes I hear the veery's clarion
  • Thou dusky spirit of the wood
  • Not unconcerned Wachusett rears his head
  • Nature
  • Godfrey of Boulogne
  • The Rabbit leaps
  • I am the Autumnal sun
  • Where'er thou sail'st who sailed with me
  • I was born upon thy bank river
  • Salmon Brook
  • The moon now rises to her absolute rule
  • My friends, why should we live?
  • I mark the summer's swift decline
  • My love must be as free
  • The Moon
  • Rumors From an Aeolian Harp
  • On shoulders whirled in some eccentric orbit
  • Far oer The bow
  • Methinks that by a strict behavior
  • I have rolled near some other spirits path
  • Fog
  • How little curious is man
  • To the Comet
  • Haze
  • Smoke
  • To a Stray Fowl
  • The Departure
  • Brother where dost thou dwell?
  • All things are current found
  • On fields oer which the reaper's hand has passed
  • Epitaph on an Engraver
  • Epitaph on Pursy
  • Ep on a Good Man
  • Epitaph
  • Ep on the World
  • The sluggish smoke curls up from some deep dell
  • On Ponkawtasset, since, we took our way
  • To a Marsh Hawk in Spring
  • Great Friend
  • The offer
  • Morning
  • The Friend
  • Yet let us Thank the purblind race
  • Ye do command me to all virtue ever
  • Ive seen ye, sisters, on the mountain-side
  • I am bound, I am bound, for a distant shore
  • The Hero
  • At midnight's hour I raised my head
  • I seek the Present Time
  • Tell me ye wise ones if ye can
  • Behold these flowers—
  • My friends, my noble friends, know ye—
  • The Earth
  • But now "no war nor battle's sound"
  • Such water do the gods distill
  • Die and be buried who will
  • I have seen some frozenfaced connecticut
  • Such near aspects had we
  • Travelling
  • The Atlantides
  • Conscience is instinct bred in the house
  • That Phaeton of our day
  • Then spend an age in whetting thy desire
  • We see the planet fall
  • We should not mind if on our ear there fell
  • Men say they know many things
  • Away! away! away! away!
  • In the East fames are won
  • The good how can we trust?
  • Greece
  • Poverty
  • The respectable folks
  • Farewell
  • For though the eaves were rabitted
  • You Boston folks & Roxbury people
  • I will obey the strictest law of love
  • Why toll the bell today—
  • And once again
  • The Old Marlborough Road
  • Old meeting-house bell
  • It is a real place
  • Among the worst of men that ever lived
  • What's the rail-road to me?
  • Tall Ambrosia
  • 'Tis very fit the ambrosia of the gods
  • I saw a delicate flower had grown up 2 feet high
  • To day I climbed a handsome rounded hill
  • I am the little Irish boy
  • In Adams fall
  • Life
  • The moon moves up her smooth and sheeny path
  • I'm thankful that my life doth not deceive
  • Manhood
  • Music
  • The Just Made Perfect
  • I do not fear my thoughts will die
  • I'm contented you should stay
  • Man Man is the Devil
  • You must not only aim aright
  • He knows no change who knows the true
  • When the toads begin to ring
  • The chicadee
  • 'Twas 30 years ago
  • Forever in my dream & in my morning thought
  • Except, returning, by the Marlboro
  • The Rosa Sanguinea
  • Any fool can make a rule
  • All things decay

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