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Baldwin, James - Collected Essays

James Baldwin

Collected Essays

Notes of a Native Son • Nobody Knows My Name • The Fire Next Time • No Name in the Street •
The Devil Finds Work •
other essays

Overview  |  Note on the Texts  |  Reviews  |  Table of Contents
  • Notes of a Native Son
    • Autobiographical Notes
    • Everybody's Protest Novel
    • Many Thousands Gone
    • Carmen Jones: The Dark is Light Enough
    • The Harlem Ghetto
    • Journey to Atlanta
    • Notes of a Native Son
    • Encounter on the Seine: Black Meets Brown
    • A Question of Identity
    • Equal in Paris
    • Stranger in the Village
  • Nobody Knows My Name
    • The Discovery of What it Means To Be an American
    • Princes and Powers
    • Fifth Avenue, Uptown: A Letter from Harlem
    • East River, Downtown: Postscript to a Letter from Harlem
    • A Fly in Buttermilk
    • Nobody Knows My Name: A Letter from the South
    • Faulkner and Desegregation
    • In Search of a Majority
    • Notes for a Hypothetical Novel
    • The Male Prison
    • The Northern Protestant
    • Alas, Poor Richard
    • The Black Boy Looks at the White Boy
  • The Fire Next Time
    • My Dungeon Shook: Letter to My Nephew
    • Down At the Cross: Letter from a Region in My Mind
  • No Name in the Street
  • The Devil Finds Work
  • Other Essays
    • Smaller than Life
    • History as Nightmare
    • The Image of the Negro
    • Lockridge: 'The American Myth'
    • Preservation of Innocence
    • The Negro at Home and Abroad
    • The Crusade of Indignation
    • Sermons and Blues
    • On Catfish Row: Porgy and Bess in the Movies
    • They Can't Turn Back
    • The Dangerous Road Before Martin Luther King
    • The New Lost Generation
    • The Creative Process
    • Color
    • A Talk to Teachers
    • "This Nettle, Danger..."
    • Nothing Personal
    • Words of a Native Son
    • The American Dream and the American Negro
    • On the Painter Beauford Delaney
    • The White Man's Guilt
    • A Report from Occupied Territory
    • Negroes Are Anti-Semitic Because They're Anti-White
    • White Racism or World Community
    • Sweet Lorraine
    • How One Black Man Came to Be an American
    • An Open Letter to Mr. Carter
    • Last of the Great Masters
    • Every Good-bye Ain't Gone
    • If Black English Isn't a Language, Then Tell Me, What is?
    • Open Letter to the Born Again
    • Dark Days
    • Notes on the House of Bondage
    • Introduction to Notes of a Native Son, 1984
    • Freaks and the American Ideal of Manhood
    • The Price of the Ticket
  • Chronology
  • Note on the Texts
  • Notes

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