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Frequently Asked Questions

About LOA books
Ordering and Payment
Shipping and Delivery
Returns and Replacements
General/About The Library of America

For a list of FAQs about the Library of America subscription program, see this page.

About LOA Books

Who chooses the books to be published in the series?
The Library of America has a network of advisors around the country, including some of the nation's most distinguished scholars and writers. Their ideas and suggestions are reviewed by a Publications Committee that determines the feasibility, need, and publication date for various titles.
Why haven't you published ______?
The Library of America aims for inclusiveness, but there are often circumstances that prevent us from including a given writer or work. For instance, we may be unable to obtain publication rights. Or, the writer in question may have only a small number of significant works that won't fill out an entire LOA volume. Or sometimes, we just haven't gotten around to it—yet. The series is open-ended, which is to say we will continue to add titles. We have a lot of work yet to do. If you have a specific writer in mind, feel free to e-mail us.
May I suggest a favorite writer/work of mine?
Certainly! E-mail us at info@loa.org with your suggestions. We are always happy to hear from readers.
I would like to be published. May I send you a manuscript?
No. The Library of America does not publish new material and cannot accept unsolicited manuscripts.
Does the Library of America produce e-books?

Yes, our first e-book was released in late 2011 and we recently began issuing additional e-book titles at the rate of two per month. Library of America e-books are available in all major formats, including Kindle, Nook, iPad, Kobo, Google Books, and Sony eReader. At present, they are not available directly from the LOA Web Store, but are sold via e-book vendors. To see the current list of titles, click here.

Are Library of America books available as Large Print Editions? Audio books?
No. Unfortunately, The Library of America's non-profit status makes it prohibitive to produce additional versions of our books. We recommend that readers with disabilities contact Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic for assistance.
What is the difference between the books I see in bookstores with the black dustjackets and others in cream-colored slipcases?
The black jacketed editions are produced for retail sale; the slipcased version is reserved for subscribers. The texts, binding, paper, and ribbon are identical, with the exceptions of American Earth and The Lincoln Anthology, each of which features a uniquely designed binding for the bookstore edition.

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Ordering and Payment

How will I know you've received my order?
You will receive an e-mail confirmation.
I don't like ordering online. Is there another way to get the online discounts and free shipping?
The LOA Web Store is encrypted, which means your personal information is totally secure. But if you prefer, you may place your order with our Customer Service Center at 800-964-5778 from the United States and Canada.
I'm a collector. Can I buy the whole series at once?
Yes. Save 35% when you purchase the entire set at $25 per volume—including free shipping and handling anywhere in the U.S. You order the current complete set online at www.loa.org/complete. For more information or for non-U.S. orders, send an e-mail to info@loa.org or call (212) 308-3360.
How do Gift Certificates work?
Rather than issuing certificates for a set dollar amount, each LOA Gift Certificate sells for $25.95 and is redeemable for One Book. You may purchase as many as you wish to give. We send them via First Class Mail.

Each Certificate comes with a list of available LOA volumes, so your recipients can make their own choices among our collection. We provide a postage-paid envelope for them to redeem their Certificates, and books will arrive in 2-3 weeks. No shipping is charged within the U.S.
May I be billed for books I purchase on the LOA Web Store?
No. LOA Web Store purchases must be prepaid. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express, including debit cards with those logos.
Can I use Discover? What about online payment services such as PayPal?
At present, we do not accept cards other than MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Although we don't accept electronic funds transfers like PayPal, we can accept PayPal-sponsored credit or debit cards.
May I pay by check?
Yes, by mail. You'll find complete payment options and a PDF version of our order form here.

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Shipping and Delivery

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
If you've chosen our Free Shipping offer, delivery is generally 2–3 weeks (we use bulk mail). If you've chosen a faster method for an additional charge, delivery can be 2–3 days or 4–6 days.
How much does shipping and handling cost?

United States:

  • Standard shipping to US addresses free for all Web orders. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

If your order totals $100 or more, you can select the $7.50 UPS shipping option at no cost.

Expedited shipping to US addresses is available for an additional charge. All orders ship within two business days.

  • UPS (4-6 business days from day of shipment): $7.50 per order
  • Priority mail (for PO boxes; 4-6 business days): $9.50 per order
  • UPS Quick-Ship (2-3 business days from day of shipment): $19.50 per order


  • $15.00 per order, regardless of the size of the order

All other countries:

  • $14.50 for one product
  • $24.50 for two products
  • $34.50 for three or more items

The Library of America does not offer fast-shipping options outside the U.S.

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Returns and Replacements

I've received my order and it's damaged. What do I do?
Call us at 800-964-5778 or e-mail us at info@loa.org. We'll take care of it.
I've decided I don't want my order. How do I return it?
We accept returns within 30 days of purchase at:

The Library of America
1550 E Washington Avenue Suite 1
Des Moines, IA 50340

You may pay for return postage, or contact us by phone or e-mail for a prepaid Return Label.
I received a book in a cream slipcase, without a black dustjacket. Why? What do I do?
Retail series volumes should come in our distinctive black dustjacket. The cream-colored slipcase is the edition reserved for Subscribers. The books themselves are identical, but they have different warehouse Product Codes. (Black dustjacketed volume codes begin with the numeral '2'; slipcased version begins with '1'.) Sometimes, however, our warehouse errs and packs the incorrect version.

If you receive the incorrect version, e-mail us at info@loa.org or call us at 800-964-5778. We'll take care of it.

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About The Library of America

Who owns The Library of America?

The Library of America is an independent non-profit organization created in 1979. (For information on making a donation, see the Gift and Donations section.)

We are not affiliated with the Library of Congress, or with any government agency.

My question isn't listed. How do I get an answer?
By all means, e-mail us (info@loa.org) or call (800-964-5778, from the U.S. and Canada).

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